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When To Start Packing For A Move

Packing your home for your move is no easy task. As a professional in the moving industry, being involved in hundreds of moves, I can tell you the most important part of the moving process is how you prepare and when you start.

When should you start packing for your move? You should start packing for your move at least 3 weeks prior to your anticipated move date. The actual moving preparation process should start at least 6-8 weeks before your move. The earlier you start the packing process, the easier it will be when your move date approaches.

3 Most Crucial Packing Tips For Moving

Gather your valuable items – Don’t let the movers move your small valuable items like jewelry, cash, checkbooks etc. In fact, movers specifically don’t want to move your high-value items because they don’t want to be held responsible if items get lost during the hectic moving process.

Pack a day box – This may include any medications, toiletries, clothes, airline tickets if moving long-distance, and anything else you may need on a daily basis. You may need several of these boxes, but the purpose is to not lose anything you need on a daily basis in the depths of random moving boxes.

Give yourself enough time – It’s not until you start packing and moving your home you realize how much stuff you actually have. Be sure to give yourself enough time in advance to pack for your move.

6-8 Weeks: Clean & Decide What You’re Taking With You

Do a brief clean of your house – A clean house will be easier to start with when deciding what belongings you will be taking with you to your new home.

Go through each room and decide what items you will be purging – Having fewer things to move will make your move cost cheaper and will help you stay organized throughout the moving process.

Separate the items that you don’t want and put them all together – Getting the clutter out of the way will give your mover an idea of how much stuff you will be taking with you to your new home and they will be able to give you an appropriate estimated cost for your move.

5 Weeks: Get Rid and/or Sell Items You’re Not Taking With You

Sell your unwanted belongings – Selling unwanted belongings is a great way to save money when preparing for a move. Your move cost will be cheaper since you will have fewer things to transport and you will receive cash for your unwanted items. Here’s how you can have a successful garage sale before you move.

Donate any items that are not worth selling – If you have any items that are not worth selling, consider donating them. When donating your unwanted items, ask for a receipt so you can write-off your donation when you file for taxes.

What will you do with your unwanted old funiture? Getting rid of your old furniture is no wasy task. Check out this simple guide to getting rid of your old furniture.

4 Weeks: Pick An Option For Moving Your Goods

Full Service Moving Company Option

Get at least 3 quotes from moving companies – It is always best to check the market before you decide to commit to your moving company, especially if you are looking to save money. Call a few companies in your area to get an idea of how much your move will cost.

Research reputations online – When moving, everyone wants to feel comfortable that their personal belongings are in good hands. Search prospective moving companies in your area on review platforms such as Yelp or Google.

Request an in-home estimate for larger homes – In-home estimates are recommended for larger homes because they will give you a better idea of how much your move is going to cost. Since most movers charge by the hour, this is the most accurate way for the companies’ salesperson to give you an appropriate quote.

Check licensing – Licensing assures that the moving company is following the rules and regulations of the industry and will protect your goods from damage.

Ask for referrals from friends, family, or realtor’s – There is nothing better than getting a great referral by somebody you can trust. Ask family and friends if they have used a trustworthy moving company in the past that they can recommend to you.

Moving Guide

would like to help make your move less stressful by providing you with moving suggestions and tips. Organizing and preparing weeks ahead of your move ensures a successful re-location and dramatically reduces mistakes and stress.

6-8 Weeks Before Moving – Clean Out, Hire Movers and Pay Attention to Detail

Begin choosing which items will be moving with you, which will be placed in storage and which you can do without! Also consider which items you would like to move yourself, and which can be trusted with the movers. If you don’t have a moving company in mind, get references and take bids from several different companies. Check your local listings such as Yelp! and Google for local moving companies.

Many moving expenses are tax-deductible, so maintain a file with important information and receipts for moving related expenses. If moving to a new community, find out about the schools, parks, recreation, and community programs from the local Chamber of Commerce or Visitor’s Bureau. Transfer medical, property, fire and auto insurance through your insurance agent.

4-5 Weeks Before Moving – Gather Supplies, Register Community Changes and Set Up Utilities

If you are planning to do some part of the packing, start collecting moving and packing supplies. These can be purchased from our supply shop. Contact the post office and fill out a US postal change of address form and provide your new address to your utility companies, internet, phone and cable companies.

2-4 Weeks Before Moving – Begin Packing and Disposing Items

You may NOT want to pack your valuables in the moving vehicle; consider taking them with you. Plants – some state laws do not allow moving house plants across borders so prepare for this ahead of time. Depending on the length of your move, if you are going to travel by car, you may want to get the automobile serviced prior to your departure.

Moving guide

So, you have decided to move? That is a great idea! When you move Whether you are moving for work or school, you will most probably have a hard time during the moving process. But do not worry, because this is normal. A move is very stressful and will take you to your wit’s end. There are so many things you need to think about and so many things to worry about.

complete the whole packing process and later unpack when you get there, and so on. That is why we are here. We want to help you finish the moving process without much hassle. There will, of course, be a lot of work, but with these tips moving to Maspeth will be a lot easier! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!


As we have already mentioned, when moving there are a lot of things you need to take care of. You need to get a house or apartment, you need to find a reliable moving company, you need to pack all of your stuff and create a moving checklist. We will now go in-depth about all of these things. So let’s get to it!


When you are moving, you need to be properly organized. Proper organization is vital to everything in life, so why should it not apply to moving as well? Well, it does, and that is why you need to pay attention to that. The best way to create proper organization is to create a moving checklist. A moving checklist should contain everything you plan on doing during your move. From the beginning to the end. From deciding to move to unpacking and unwinding in your new home


This should be the next step on your moving checklist, after deciding to move. A very important aspect of the move is a good reliable company. It is no use hiring a moving company that is not going to do everything the way you want it to be done. Reliable moving companies are very often flexible and will try to adapt to the style of the move you want, and that is why you need to do your research before hiring the first one that comes up. How to do that kind of research, you ask? Well, it is not that hard, you just need perseverance! The first thing you can do when looking for a reliable moving company is to ask your friends or family if they know any. If they don’t, worry not! There are still ways to do so! The next step you can do is asking a neighbor that had recently moved in. However, these may be the easy ways of finding a moving company, but that does not mean that you will find what you need

Moving Checklist

What You Need to Know, 12 Months Before You Go.

There’s only one way to stop feeling overwhelmed and silence any thoughts of self-doubt. It’s time to get organized!

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After only a few months of blogging, my inbox was overflowing with questions about how we moved to Australia. The more I wrote, the more questions I got until I wasn’t able to keep up.

My goal is to create a single resource where you can find answers to all your questions and have access to a community of expats, both moving and currently living in, for recommendations on everything from international shipping companies to where to live

Sorting Out Your Finance Before Moving

When we moved to Australia, we made several very costly mistakes with our finances from choosing a bank to transferring money.

Yes, this is going to take some time and a lot of patience. As for the cost of moving, you won’t have to pay for everything at once so you can start budgeting for your move now.


What to Do When You Move?

You need to formulate a detailed plan and include the following steps: Research, Preparation and Execution. The first one covers your basics: formulating a budget, finding a moving company, talking to your family and friends, and packing materials. Second, pack your belongings, deal with the utilities and the change of address. And the third step covers the transportation of your items and the arrival at the new place.

How Do House Removals Work?

House removal is the act of moving one’s belongings to one place of living to another. It can be done with or without the help of professional movers. There are different ways of packing, transporting and storing. Depending on where the person is relocated, the process can last from start to finish from a couple of days to 3 to 4 months for international removals.

How to Make Moving Easier?

Plan and organise every step of the process. Use a checklist, so you won’t forget anything important. Bookmark this house moving guide and use the amazing resources we provide you with

What Are the Biggest Difficulties When Relocating?

House removals are difficult for a variety of reasons, and not all of them are related to money. Let’s explore deeper what are the most frequent obstacles you need to overcome when moving and what changes you may expect.

Missing Some of Your Utilities

Most places you move to will have heat and running water but you may end up without internet and satellite. If you are fortunate, you can still use your smartphone but even so, it’s a large nuisance. You have to search for good providers, arrange a date for the technicians to come and the process can last sometimes up to two weeks. So don’t forget to start the research earlier and schedule the installation in advance.